Audio-Technica ATH-M70x: An HONEST Review

Odi Productions Aug 31, 2023
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Audio-Technica ATH-M70x:

Hey whatsup Youtube! ODi Productions here with the Audio Technica ATH M70x. If you’re familiar with Audio-Technica then you already know that this pro audio brand creates some of the best quality products in the market, such as the best-selling ATH M50x. The M70x is the latest offering in this series, but it’s not as similar to the M50x as most would think. I’m here to give you guys my honest review, without any of the hype. Stay tuned.

If you’re watching this video, chances are you’ve already heard of Audio-Technica through the popular ATH M50x headphones, which represents one of the best values under $150. The M70x is a much newer product released by Audio Technica, and this time, is priced above the $200 price mark. As the name suggests, the M70x is a higher model than the M50x in the lineup, so naturally people would think this is like an upgraded version of the M50x. Well, not exactly, as the M70x is drastically different from the best-selling M50x, and I’ll tell you why in this video.

So with that said, we’re going to jump into the in-depth review and discuss all the features and performance of the M70x.

1. Features + Unboxing

The Audio-Technica ATH M70x comes in a large box which is nearly identical to the M50x packaging. Inside this box, you’re greeted by a large square hardshell case, which is an upgrade to the leather pouch which the M50x came with. Inside this hardshell case is the M70x with earcups folded flat, which is a feature of the M70x, although they don’t collapse inwards like the M50x. Along with the hardshell case, you get 3 detachable cables with locking mechanism: a standard 3 ft straight cable, a longer 10 ft straight cable, and a coiled cable.

So as you can see, the M70x is a pretty standard headphone with nothing fancy like Bluetooth wireless or active noise-canceling, but that isn’t the point of these headphones as they are made primarily for studio use and home listening.

Stylistically, I would say that the M70x has a subtle yet beautiful design that adds a modernized twist to the M50x, with a matte finish contrasted by shiny metal rings.

Also, the overall size of the M70x is much more streamlined, making the M50x look very bulky and dated in comparison.

2. Build Quality

Aside from sound quality, one thing which the Audio-Technica brand excels in is build quality and durability. Although a lot of this material is plastic, Audio-Technica headphones like the M50x and M70x are built like a tank, and are built to withstand years of wear and abuse.

With that said, the M70x was designed to be lighter than the M50x, so they do feel a tad bit flimsier in comparison. For peace of mind, the M70x comes with a 2-year warranty which is twice the industry average.

3. Comfort

If there was one category which caused mixed reviews with the M50x, it would be comfort. Luckily for the M70x, Audio-Technica listened to all the consumer feedback and made the M70x much more comfortable right out of the box. In addition to the lighter weight of the M70x which results in less pressure on the top of the skull, the clamping force has also been reduced on the sides, which was a bit too tight on the M50x.

Overall, the M70x is a very comfortable headphone which you should be able to wear for a couple hours with ease.

4. Sound Quality

Audio-Technica is commonly associated with value when it comes to performance and sound quality. The M50x which came before is mostly responsible for this. But with that said, the M70x is a radical departure from the sound signature of the M50x.

Let me start off by saying, that the frequency response of the M70x is flat as a pancake. These are extremely accurate monitor headphones built for studio purposes. I find it funny because, a lot of people refer to “accuracy” as the thing that all headphones should aspire for, and if that’s true, then these headphones would be like the holy grail, right?

Well the reality is, their reception from the general public has been quite the mixed bag. You see, the problem with completely “accurate” headphones is that, they also sound very boring. Now don’t get me wrong, the sound quality is top-notch, with crystal clear detail and separation, along with a pretty good soundstage for closed-back headphones. The only issue that most people are having is that the analytical sound of these headphones is very cold and unforgiving, which results in some extremely sharp highs and unimpressive bass compared to today’s average premium headphone.

It’s all about the details with these headphones, and they’re a pleasure to work with if you’re doing professional work in music production or film editing. Casual music listeners on the other hand, are better off with the more V-shaped response of the M50x, providing the bass impact which is absent from the M70x.

5. Bottom-line

So bottomline, the M70x is a great overall package which improves upon the M50x in style and comfort. The only real issue with this headphone is that it’s purpose-built for professional work, so the flat frequency response is somewhat unexciting to the casual music listener. Aside from that, the sound quality itself is stellar, with crystal clear detail and separation, along with a decent soundstage.

When first released, the M70x retailed for a whopping $300, which some places still sell it for today. Luckily, prices have come down since then, and you can find a brand new pair at under $220, which I think presents a great value if you’re in the market for truly accurate headphones, considering the comfort and styling are on point as well.

If you’re interested in picking up the M70x for the lowest price available, click the link in the description below to get your pair at a discount so you can save dat money.

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Thanks for watching guys! You have a wonderful day.

Order the Audio-Technica ATH-M70x HERE for the lowest price available (Do NOT pay retail!): 

Audio-Technica ATH-M70x:

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