Studio Vocals PRO Version 1.0

Now YOU Can Record Studio Quality Vocals at Home!

In this premium Online Video Course, you will learn how to:

- Use proper microphone technique and placement (bad technique and poor mic placement ruins recordings)

- Create ideal Acoustics on a budget (99% of amateurs skip this). No vocal booth? No problem!

- Find the perfect recording volume through gain-staging

- Get that golden take with crucial recording tips

Studio Vocals PRO Version 1.0 contains 5 quality videos that GUARANTEE you will be recording crisp vocals that rival expensive studios, or your money back!

Videos available on your Computer, Tablet, or Phone!

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The videos are short yet go into great detail about how to get your project to the next level. As an up and coming artist this has helped me so much and I use these tips every time I record. You need to watch these videos if you take your music seriously in the slightest bit! When you apply the techniques found in these videos to your music you will be astonished by the difference in sound and quality. I promise!

Bobby White (Rapper),

Im in love with it. I am learning new techniques to apply when I record and it is awesome

ZERO (Rapper),

If I were to watch these videos before I started recording 2 years ago it would have made things ALOT easier. I spent countless days,hours, and time searching youtube videos that were low quality and not direct.

Yokess (Rapper), is very worth the $39 because if you go to any other site you would pay an arm and a leg and I would absolutely recommend a beginner to the website.

Young Rizzol (Rapper),

Taught by a Professional Producer!

About ODi Productions

ODi Productions (founder of has been producing music for almost a decade as a producer, audio engineer, and musician.

He has worked with virtually all types of artists imaginable from local indie singer/songwriters to Multi-Platinum Rappers such as Waka Flocka Flame.

ODi has sold hundreds of his original beats online (listen here:, and has accumulated over 2 million views on Youtube.

Although he has experience in many, many genres, he specializes in: Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, EDM, and Indie Singer/Songwriter.

Shoutout from Logic (Def Jam Records, XXL 2013 Freshman, 30+ Million Youtube Views)

Well ... what're you waiting for? 🙂

Buy Studio Vocals PRO - $39INSTANT ACCESS!