RecordingNOW Reviews and Testimonials

All reviews and testimonials below are 100% UNEDITED and are from real, verified members. is a great place to get the answer to all of your questions! The videos are short yet go into great detail about how to get your project to the next level. As an up and coming artist this has helped me so much and I use these tips every time I record. You need to watch these videos if you take your music seriously in the slightest bit! When you apply the techniques found in these videos to your music you will be astonished by the difference in sound and quality. I promise!

Bobby White (Rapper)

Im in love with it. I am learning new techniques to apply when I record and it is awesome

ZERO (Rapper)

The video tutorials of the mixing and mastering process helped me understand the process more clearly. This process separates poor to average sounding recordings and achieving a professional sound.

The videos are clear with the directions and suggestions and help to save time that would otherwise be used for trial and error and attempting to master the process on your own. If you want to get involved in recording and making music and have no experience whatsoever the videos are well worth the price.

Having all the material consolidated into one easy to navigate website is also more helpful than searching for tutorials on your own whether it be on the internet or in bookstores. Overall, I would recommend RecordingNOW for producers and/or recording artists.

Deez (Rapper)

I thought that these tutorial videos were very helpful and informative. I have been recording for 2 years now and learned some new tips and tricks to get that professional sounding recordings. Mixing and mastering is the bread and butter of a good song. I learned that it makes a HUGE difference in the final outcome of the song and how good it sounds. Reverb really helps the whole song flow together and sound full. Really taking the extra time and knowing the steps of mixing/mastering can mean the difference of a good song and a bad song.

These videos are very helpful and good quality. Easy to follow and easy to interpret. If I were to watch these videos before I started recording 2 years ago it would have made things ALOT easier. I spent countless days,hours, and time searching youtube videos that were low quality and not direct.

For the price of 40$ I think that is a good value for what you get. If a new artist wants to learn some of the basics and fundamentals I would highly suggest this to them. The website is easy to use and very simply layed out.


Yokess (Rapper)

RecordingNOW was absolutely an eye opener! I’ve been searching for a place where I can gain a more profound understanding of Mixing vocals. I’ve definitely found it here. After watching the tutorial videos, I can really hear the difference in the mixed material. The mixed material brings the track to life in your mind. You actually can see what you hear. Which is extremely important for grasping and attracting listeners. The quality of the videos were nice. The narrator made it very clear too by explaining everything that was in the video in verbatim. I wouldn’t mind investing into the other videos because I really can see that my skills will be enhanced after studying the tutorials and applying what I get from them. I must say that there was a lot of info and one will not get it all by watching the videos once, but I recommend watching the RecordingNow Tutorial videos to any up and coming Artist or producers before sending them to Youtube to waste time searching all day. Thanks RecordingNOW!

M. Tana (Rapper)

simply awesome! this site literally breaks down everything you need to know and doesnt bore you with super lengthy videos. this is really awesome for anyone interested in doing this as a hobby or or professionally. great job keep it coming!

DJ Uneeq (Producer, DJ)

Great. I watched Studio Vocals in 30 Minutes or Less. I learned more on microphone placement for my home studio. I learned quickly like it was hands on. Yes, these videos are worth 39$. very affordable & informative.

Yukon (Rapper)

It is a good website that boosts your intelligence on how to make professional music. It is a very easy website to follow and it truly does educate you in the areas you are looking to learn about. It is better than any other website or video I have seen. Since it is step by step and goes slow, you are really able to learn a lot of material.

There is nothing wrong in my perspective. This website is very professional, and I encourage any one and everyone too try it out and look at the videos.

Cody E (Rapper)

I like the website and that it was very informative. I learned about how to calm myself down by taking deep breaths and drinking room temperature water or tea. The videos also are a good quality, they are clear and very informative to all beginners that don’t know what they are doing. I knew allot of the things that they where talking about but the things that I didn’t know I picked up on and will always remember. I also said that for beginning artist that know nothing about recording it is very worth the $39 because if you go to any other site you would pay an arm and a leg and I would absolutely recommend a beginner to the website.

Young Rizzol (Rapper)

I Learned lot of things thanks to you. How to Record, where to place a microphone, and Mixing and Mastering are really important.

Mixing and Mastering make it the better 100 times better.

Your video saved me for my future songs, i learned this like lessons.

Your videos have a good value for the price.

And You website has a good value and is better than other websites.

Lil Dre Way (Rapper)

This website is very professional. For me I like to learn about recording vocals. By doing this and learning it relly helps with the clarity of the vocal. Specifically with know how to stage your gain. This is a very improtant one, because you dont want it to be too high so it blows out your vocals. Also you don’t want it to be too low to where it’s not appealing. These videos are very high quality and I would grade them at the professional level. By listening to these videos, I picked up a lot of information very easily and fast. It has really helped me put the new information to use. These videos are worth what you pay for. If you are serious about learning, this is the site to be on.

Ryan Engler (Rapper)