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Frequently-Asked Questions

  • Q.What is the difference between Basic and Premium membership?

    A.Basic memberships do not come with Personalized Audio Consultation (PAC), but they still include the following RecordingNOW Products: Elite Beats 101, Studio Vocals in 30 Minutes or Less, and Mixing and Mastering Made Easy.

  • Q.Can I cancel my premium membership at anytime?

    A.Sure. (Note: Your premium membership will still be active until your membership period ends, however, it just won’t be renewed.)

  • Q.If I cancel my membership, do I receive a refund?

    A.Yes, all of our products are backed by our 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

  • Q.Can I upgrade from Basic to Premium at anytime?

    A.Yes! Basic members can upgrade to Premium at a special discounted price.

  • Q.I already know how to use a music program, can I still benefit from your website?

    A.Yes! Not only do we offer the Basics of Composing/Recording/Mastering, but we release Advanced Tutorials and offer the PAC service to provide personal gear recommendations and mixing/mastering advice for your songs/beats. Our tutorials are not designed to just teach a music program, but to reveal recording and mastering techniques that will set YOUR sound quality apart from the crowd.

  • Q.What do the Premium features work?

    A.Personalized Artist Consultation, or simply “PAC”, essentially provides two main services: 1. PERSONAL Gear Recommendations, and 2. Mixing/Mastering Advice for YOUR songs. PAC is exclusive only to Premium members. PAC is available 24/7, meaning you can request a gear recommendation or send us your song at anytime via website.