Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.What is is a website designed to teach people how to make professional quality music from the comfort of their own home. Whether you’re an aspiring producer, singer, rapper, or musician, we have high-quality video tutorials that cover the all the basics and fundamentals of composing, recording, and mastering. Video tutorials are a much more effective medium for learning than reading plain books and online articles. What sets our videos apart is that they are all professionally-produced in high-definition quality and pristine audio/narration. Along with the quality, our videos are comprehensive and structured in a way that is conducive to learning all concepts in a logical order. Aside from video tutorials, we offer 24/7 Personalized Artist Consultation (PAC) for Premium members.

  • Q.I’m a beginner who has zero knowledge of music production, can you help me?

    A.Yes! Our videos are designed to teach everything from what equipment is needed and the basic functions of music programs, to putting the final touches with effects plugins, and everything in between.

  • Q.I already know how to use a music program, can I still benefit from your website?

    A.Yes! Not only do we offer the Basics of Composing/Recording/Mastering, but we release Advanced Tutorials and offer the PAC service to provide personal gear recommendations and mixing/mastering advice for your songs/beats. Our tutorials are not designed to just teach a music program, but to reveal recording and mastering techniques that will set YOUR sound quality apart from the crowd. Many musicians and artists record with incorrect techniques that leave their recordings sounding amateurish and flat. Our Basics videos are designed to teach proper techniques in order to reach a professional sound quality.

  • Q.What is Personalized Artist Consultation (PAC)?

    A.Personalized Artist Consultation, or simply “PAC”, essentially provides two main services: 1. PERSONAL Gear Recommendations, and 2. Mixing/Mastering Advice for YOUR songs. PAC is exclusive only to Premium members. PAC is available 24/7, meaning you can request a gear recommendation or send us your song at anytime via website.

  • Q.What is the difference between Basic and Premium membership?

    A.Basic memberships do not come with Personalized Audio Consultation (PAC), but they still include ALL music video tutorials AND future updates!

  • Q.Can I cancel my membership at anytime?

    A.Sure, you can cancel at anytime by clicking “My Account” then scroll down and click “Cancel My Account” and just hit “Submit Form”. Alternatively, you can hover over the “My Account” link in your navigation bar and “Cancel My Account” will appear at the bottom of the dropdown menu. (Note: Your membership will still be active until your membership period ends, however, it just won’t be renewed.)

  • Q.If I cancel my membership, do I receive a refund?

    A.Due to the nature of digital products such as videos, we unfortunately cannot offer refunds.

  • Q.How does PAC work?

    A.After logging into your Plus/Premium member account, there will be a “PAC” link in your navigation bar at the top of any page. If you hover over the “PAC” link, a dropdown menu appears with two options: “Gear Recommendation” or “Send us your song”! Clicking either option will take you to their respective pages which you can fill out and send at anytime. For Gear Recommendations, you will need to specify information such as what music equipment you are looking for (microphones, audio interfaces, studio monitors, plugins/virtual instruments, etc). For Mixing/Mastering Advice (“Send us your song!”), you will also fill out some information and upload your song (in MP3 format) directly to the website. After we review either your gear recommendation or song, we then send an e-mail to the e-mail provided in the PAC form.

  • Q.What music program is used in your tutorials?

    A.Our tutorials are currently recorded using Logic Pro as an example, HOWEVER, it’s important to note that any music program is compatible with our lessons, as our tutorials go beyond simply learning a program, but how to actually make digital music.

  • Q.Are the videos downloadable?

    A.No, our videos are exclusively available to members through the website.